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Achieving Dreams

"While I'm really thankful for what you taught me, I'm especially thankful for how you made GMAT fun with your positive personality. Tutoring became the bright spot of my week (not an exaggeration)!"

- 740 GMAT score; admitted to Wharton, Chicago Booth & MIT Sloan


Transformative GMAT | GRE | EA Test Prep

Before All Else Fails,

Turn to the MBA Whisperer


Adult Students

"I started my GMAT journey roughly two years ago with a 550 on my very first test. I took several GMAT courses and studied with 7 or 8 different tutors, but none of them seemed to 'click.' The moment I found Travis, I knew something was different."

- 760 GMAT score (190-point increase), admitted to Harvard Business School


Use proprietary strategies to break through your score plateaus


Discover Framework Thinking to tackle common challenges


Learn "Working Smarter" (not harder!) test taking tips


Insider Admissions Experience

Unbeaten Insights to

Stand Out  From the Crowd 

Cookie-cutter applications lead to crumbled results. Bring out your unique background, qualities, and experiences to make them shine in every aspect of the MBA admissions process:

  • Discover your target schools beyond rankings alone

  • Determine compelling career goals

  • Effectively network with MBA students & admissions officers

  • Brainstorm & draft essays that pop off the page

  • Build a powerful MBA resume with a genuine "wow factor"

  • Identify and prepare mentors for stand-out recommendations

  • Utilize every element of online applications for maximum impact

  • Overcome academic and professional shortcomings

  • Knock out MBA interviews with proven results

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I'm Travis,
the MBA Whisperer 


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A former television journalist, Worldwide GMAT Instructor of the Year, Kellogg MBA alumnus & admissions interviewer, and Director of Admissions Consulting for the world's largest privately-held test prep and admissions consulting company, Travis Morgan brings you unmatched MBA admissions, elite-level teaching, and professional storytelling expertise.

Having partnered with professional athletes, Navy SEALs, and royal family members, I bring my enthusiasm, insight, and experience to accomplished candidates across all backgrounds and industries. I look forward to working with you!

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